Meaning and Essay on “I just want to be wonderful.” – Marilyn Monroe

What is the Meaning of “I Just Want to be Wonderful”?

The iconic phrase “I just want to be wonderful” was famously uttered by Marilyn Monroe, one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. This phrase encapsulates her desire for fame and recognition as an actress and entertainer. Monroe wanted to make a lasting impact on the world with her performances and beauty, which she did through her many memorable roles in film and television. She also sought out a sense of contentment and happiness that could only come from being truly appreciated for who she was. Through this simple yet powerful statement, Monroe expressed her longing for something more than what life had already given her—a place where she could feel accepted and valued.

Essay on “I Just Want To Be Wonderful” – Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe’s words: “I just want to be wonderful,” have become emblematic of both the glamourous starlet’s ambition as well as an insight into the innermost desires of countless people around the world. The sentiment behind these four simple words speaks volumes about our collective yearning for acceptance, appreciation, admiration, love – all things that we strive towards in order to find true fulfillment in life. It stands testament to our innate need for validation from those around us; whether it be family members or strangers alike – we all crave recognition and validation which often leads us down paths we may not have otherwise taken if left unchecked.

Monroe herself embodied this idea perfectly; despite having achieved immense success throughout her career as an actress, singer-songwriter, model etc., there was still something missing within herself that made it difficult for her to ever feel satisfied or at peace with herself – leading up until ultimately taking away from own life at age 36 due largely in part due to depression & loneliness caused by feeling like no matter how much success & adoration she received it would never fill that void inside of her heart that longed for true companionship & understanding from another person who deeply loved & appreciated every aspect of who she was beyond what others saw when looking upon the surface level glitz & glamour associated with being a celebrity icon such as herself .

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