Meaning and Essay on “One must dare to be happy. ” – Gertrude Stein

The Meaning Behind Gertrude Stein’s Words

Gertrude Stein’s phrase “One must dare to be happy” is a reminder that we have the power to choose our own happiness, regardless of external circumstances. In her essay, she explains that it takes courage and strength to pursue joy in life, even when faced with hardships or difficult situations. She argues that taking risks and allowing ourselves to feel contentment can lead us towards greater fulfillment and satisfaction with our lives. This idea is particularly relevant today as many people are struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety due to the current pandemic situation. By daring to be happy despite these trying times, we can find hope for a brighter future.

An Essay on Happiness

In her essay “One Must Dare To Be Happy”, Gertrude Stein delves into the concept of happiness by exploring how one might go about achieving it in their daily life. She encourages readers not only to take risks but also recognize what makes them truly happy and strive for those things without fear of judgement from others. Throughout her essay she emphasizes the importance of self-reflection as well as being mindful of your environment in order to remain positive throughout any given situation. Furthermore, she stresses the need for balance between work and leisure activities so that you don’t become overwhelmed or overworked which could cause unhappiness in itself. Ultimately, Stein believes that true happiness comes from within and requires us all take responsibility for creating it each day through conscious effort and awareness.

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